Comedy of Errors


BBC presents Shakespeare's comedy of mistaken identity starring Roger Daltrey and Michael Kitchen as two sets of identical twins. Separated as children, the twins unknowingly find themselves living in the same city as adults. Confusion reigns as they become caught up in a brilliantly contrived series of misunderstandings involving their family and friends. This colorful and bold production balances frivolity with unease until events finally resolve in a triumphantly happy ending.




Aegeon Cyril Cusack
Solinus Charles Gray
Antipholus Michael Kitchen
Dromio Roger Daltrey
Adriana Suzanne Bertish
Luciana Joanne Pearce
Emilia Wendy Hiller


Director James Cellan Jones
Writer William Shakespeare
Producer Shaun Sutton
Music Richard Holmes
Production Design Don Homfray
Costume Design Jane Hudson

User Reviews of Comedy of Errors



I think the farce aspect is great, mixed up identities always makes me giggle. Not the highest quality but it looks like it was filmed in the 80s