As You Like It


BBC presents the classic play by William Shakespeare starring Helen Mirren. When Rosalind falls in love with a young man named Orlando, she is swiftly banished from court by her uncle Duke Frederick. Joined by her cousin Celia and the court jester Touchstone, Rosalind seeks refuge in the forest of Arden disguised as a boy, Ganymede. While there, unrecognizable, she unexpectedly meets her love and is provided with a perfect, mischievous opportunity to devise a clever scheme to discover the true depths of Orlando's passion for her and to further capture his heart. Including one of Shakespeare’s most famous verses, “All the World’s a Stage”, As You Like It is a charming, quick-witted comedy filled with familiar themes, a sharp pace and a light heart. 




Roselind Helen Mirren
Oliver Clive Francis
Celia Angharad Rees
Orlando  Brian Stirner
Jaques Richard Pasco
Touchstone James Bolam
Duke Frederick Richard Easton
Duke Senior Tony Church
Phebe Victoria Pluncknett
Audrey Marilyn Le Conte


Director Basil Coleman
Writer William Shakespeare
Producer Cedric Messina
Choreographer Geraldine Stephenson
Fight Arranger Terry Wright
Music Geoffrey Burgon
Production Design Don Taylor
Costume Design Robin Fraser-Paye


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