After The Dance


Gemma Jones and Imogen Stubbs star in this story of Mayfair in 1938. David and Joan have roared through the years. Suddenly a young girl appears in this careless world. Announcing that she is in love with David, she vows to change his life forever.


Joan Scott-Fowler Gemma Jones
Peter Scott-Fowler Richard Lintern

Helen Banner

Imogen Stubbs

John Reid

John Bird

Miss Potter 

Celia Bannerman

Arthur Power

Geoffrey Beevers

Dr. George Banner

Simon Beresford

Cyril Carter

Ben Chaplin

Moya Lexington

Georgina Hale

Williams Malcolm Mudie
David Scott-Fowler
Anton Rodgers
Lawrence Walters
Graham Seed

Julia Browne

Roberta Taylor


Director Stuart Burge
Writer Terence Rattigan
Producer Simon Curtis



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