“Censorship is the height of vanity.” -Martha Graham

The theater and the arts is generally more progressive than the rest of the world. It’s a place where stories take shape that reflect the parts of society that many aren’t quite ready to face. Unfortunately, that hasn’t always been the way.

Sholem Asch’s God of Vengeance was a beautifully edgy play, depicting the first woman-on-woman kiss on Broadway. Written in 1907 but not performed in the States until the 1923, the contents shocked theatergoers in America, leading to the arrest of the Broadway cast on obscenity charges. The hostile use of government resources fanned the discussion around morality onstage.

In Indecent, by Pulitzer Prize winner Paula Vogel, the audience is taken on a journey through God of Vengeance’s history, from inception to now. How has it been censored throughout time? How has its light shone through, regardless of censorship? Where does art begin and state-sponsored censorship end? 

BroadwayHD was thrilled to work with WNET and PBS to capture this beautifully moving play. PBS aired Indecent in November, but due to broadcast requirements, needed to adjust the final cut to meet the FCC’s rules. Now, the never-before-seen director’s cut is exclusively on BroadwayHD.

Watch the uncensored cut of Indecent on BroadwayHD.