Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and where will BroadwayHD iOS and Android apps be available?

    We currently have apps for both Android and iOS devices for many countries worldwide!  For Android devices, download our application from the Google Play Store HERE.  For iOS devices, download our application from the App Store HERE.

    If your device is not compatible with one of our mobile applications, you can still access our library of content through your mobile browser by visiting However, some content cannot be viewed in a mobile web browser.

  • How do I update my BroadwayHD Channel on Roku?

    To update your BroadwayHD channel on Roku you simply need to run a system update on your device. This can be found by navigating to System > System-Update. After the update has been performed you should have the latest version of the BroadwayHD channel. There is no need to uninstall/reinstall the channel to update it.

  • How do I reset my password?

    Follow THIS LINK. Type in your email address and you will be emailed a new link to create a new password.

  • Do you have closed captioning?

    Select shows have closed captions indicated by the closed caption logo and we will be adding more in the months to come. We encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list, follow on Twitter, and like us on Facebook; these are places where we usually announce new features as they become available.

  • How do I delete my account or remove auto-renewal billing

    We are sorry to hear that you want to cancel your subscription.  Please follow the below steps to turn off Auto-Renewal for your website subscription.

    To turn off automatic renewal, please follow the steps below:

    · When logged in click My Account at the top of the page

    · Then click Active Subscriptions under Account Management

    · Next click the Manage button next to your current subscription

    · You'll then see Turn off auto-renew which will turn off automated subscriptions

    If you are billed through iTunes, Google Play, AppleTV, Roku or PayPal you must turn off Auto-Renewal directly with them. 

    Please feel free to reach out to if you have any further concerns.

  • Apple TV or Roku Device Link question?

    The Device Link code is only necessary when connecting your subscription to the BroadwayHD App on either AppleTV or Roku. 

    You can use the Device Link code, which you will see on your tv screen when you launch BHD; or you can sign in using your username and password

  • Can I use my BroadwayHD subscription on Amazon or with a Amazon Fire Stick?

    BroadwayHD is available for purchase through Amazon's Prime Video Channels.  However, an Amazon's Prime Video Channels BroadwayHD subscription cannot be used to access content on non-Amazon platforms, such as our website or our apps.  Likewise, a subscription cannot be used to access other Amazon Channels.

  • How to cast to my TV using airplay and Apple TV

    The best way to cast BroadwayHD through airplay is to tap the cast icon in the lower right-hand corner when in full-screen mode watching a video and select the Apple TV as a video destination!

  • Can I watch BroadwayHD Internationally?

    Yes, you can watch in many counties around the world.  Please sign up at and choose PayPal as your payment method.  Our channel is also available in select countries via both iTunes and the Play Store.

  • Do I need Adobe Flash to use the website

    BroadwayHD media is no longer delivered via Adobe Flash on desktop computers.
    We use HTML5.  You do not need Flash.



  • How much does a subscription cost?

    Our monthly subscription is $8.99 USD and a annual subscription is $99.99 USD. 

  • Can I use my personal subscription in my classroom?

    In short, No.  Your personal subscription is not for commercial use.   However, BroadwayHD has an exclusive partnership with Alexander Street for the academic and public library markets.  Ideal for theatre, drama, music and literature studies, this anywhere anytime collection includes recording of premium performances of plays and musicals from the Broadway and Off-Broadway theatre scene. 

    For more information please contact us at  Thank you.